The Book

It’s Not Over Yet!!

This is a three book series. The first book is a memoir about my life and spiritual journey. There will be two more books coming soon.

It is about how God has changed my life till now and how he gave me a second chance at life. This book also discusses how you can see opportunity in every difficulty, and how failure builds character. The book also stresses on the importance of believing that you have what it takes to win the race of life, and it is crucial to win the race mentally before you win it physically. Last but not least, the book explains how one cannot be defeated because his or her determination, consistency and vision are too strong for the obstacles or trials of life to eliminate.

After you read this book, you should feel and be able to:

  • Inspired to achieve your goals
  • Motivated to run the race of life with courage
  • Develop a positive mental attitude
  • Be victorious

New Release

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